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Maestro Countdown Timer Wiring and Installation MA-T51MN

This article provides resources on how to properly install a Lutron Maestro countdown timer switch 


This article is expected to take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Knowledge Article Contents:

Before You Begin

1: MA-T51MN Installation

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Before You Begin

Before installing your Maestro countdown timer, have the following items available: 

Flathead screwdriver 

Phillips-head screwdriver   


MA-T51MN Maestro Timer

Section 1: MA-T51MN Installation

Choose the application you are installing your Maestro countdown timer in to view the available resources:

 Single-pole install (for lights/fans controlled from one switch)

Three-way install (for lights/fans controlled from two switches)

 Multi-location install (for lights/fans controlled from three or more switches) 

Note: For three-way and multi-location installations the remaining switches must be replaced with the Maestro Accessory Switch (model # MA-AS) for the timer switch to function properly. The MA-T51MN must be installed on the load side of the circuit.

Frequently Asked Installation Questions:


Does the MA-T51MN require a neutral connection?

Yes, the MA-T51MN requires a neutral connection. 


Does the MA-T51MN have a minimum load requirement?

Yes, this timer switch has a minimum load requirement of 5 watts or 0.05 amps of lighting load or fan motor load.


Is the MA-T51MN compatible with DC-motor exhaust fans?

Yes, this device is compatible with DC-motor exhaust fans as long as the fan meets the timer's minimum load requirement of 0.05A and does not exceed the timer's maximum fan motor load rating of 3A.


Can this be installed to control a receptacle?

No, the MA-T51MN is rated for permanently installed fan and lighting loads only.

Why is my bathroom exhaust fan turning on and off on it's own?

If the minimum load requirement of the switch is not met it could cause the fan to cycle on/off constantly. When the timer switch turns on it starts the fan at its highest speed which generates enough load to be above the timer's minimum requirement. It then slows down the fan which can cause it to dip below the minimum load rating.

This behavior may occur when using the MA-T51 Maestro timer switch as this unit does not have a neutral connection and has a minimum load rating of 40 watts or 0.3 amps. In this application we suggest using the MA-T51MN neutral-based countdown timer switch. If your wallbox does not have a neutral connection, but does have a true-earth ground, a Maestro sensor switch could be used instead.

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