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How to extend the RF range of the Caseta Hub (formerly Bridge)

The RF range of the Caseta Hub is 30 feet in all directions (Up, Down, Left, Right). In some homes there are devices that will extend beyond this range where in there will be a need for a Caseta Repeater or the use of a Caseta Plug in Lamp dimmer as a range extender.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, you may need to add an RF Signal extender to your system:

  • The Caseta dimmer/switch will not add to the app when first trying to add the device to the system.

  • The device status in the app does not match what the physical appearance of the light shows. Meaning the display in the app may say the light is "On" however when you view the light it is actually "Off". 

  • Schedules failing to activate for devices that have previously worked on the schedule as the device may have been on the cusp of range and has recently dropped off.

  • You receive a message in the app that the device is no longer communicating with the system. 

There are (2) products that you can add to your Caseta system to extend the range of the RF signal:

PD-3PCL-WH Caseta Plug in Lamp Dimmer

This is a great way to add another Caseta control to your system AND extend the range of the RF signal at the same time!  It must be placed within 30ft of the Smart Hub or Repeater and can add up to 30 ft of range to your system.  See diagrams below.

• Only one Caseta Plug in lamp dimmer can be used as a range extender in a Caseta Hub System. All Plug in dimmers count towards the 75 device system limit.

• The first PD-3PCL added to the System automatically becomes the range extender.  If you plan to have more than 1, make sure that you take this into consideration when determining the location.

If you have more than one PD-3PCL in your system and are unsure which one is acting as a repeater.  Here are some quick steps to figure that out:

In the Lutron App. Go to: Settings>Advanced>Range Extender and the device name acting as the extender will appear in this screen.
If you wish to change the device acting as the range extender there are two options.

1. Simply switch the location of the current Lamp Dimmer acting as the range extender with another Lamp Dimmer and then edit the device names in the Lutron App. 
2. Delete the current Lamp Dimmer acting as the range extender from the app, the next PD-3PCL unit added to the app will then become the range extender. The most efficient way to change extenders is to follow step 1.


PD-REP-WH Caseta Repeater 

  • Caséta Wireless repeaters extend the range of Radio Frequency (RF) signals that are sent between devices. One wireless repeater can be added to extend the RF range for larger system applications. The wireless repeater can communicate with Caséta devices within 30 ft (9 m), covering an area of approximately 2500 ft2, and can be placed up to 60 ft (18 m) from the Lutron hub. 
  • Easily adds to an existing system through the Caséta App or system software
  • Can add only one wireless repeater per system and it counts towards the 75 device system limit.
  • Only Works with Caséta Wireless systems

Bridge Range.jpg

Hub, Repeater, and Plug in Lamp Dimmer Example below. Hub and Repeater must be within the 60 foot range of each other. Lamp Dimmer (range extender) must be within 30 foot range of either the Hub or the Repeater. 
Bridge Range 2.jpg