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Reuse an email with a replacement Caséta Smart Bridge


I had to replace my Caséta Smart Bridge and I want to continue to use the same email address that I have on my Lutron App account.

Below are the steps to use in order to remove your email from your old Smart Bridge:

1. Using a web browser, Go to

2. Sign in with your existing Lutron App credentials

3. Click “Change Email”. (From a smart phone, tap the menu icon next to the Lutron logo to access the 'Change Email' option)

4, Enter a new email address that you will never use (See note below). This reassigns the original Smart  Bridge to a different email address so that you can continue to use the email address of your choice for the replacement Smart Bridge. 

5. Enter the same password

6. Click 'update'

7. The webpage will tell you that your account has been updated

Note: simply add the number 0 to the front of the existing email address to create the fake email. 

Now that the original Smart Bridge is reassigned to a different email, you can begin the set up process for your new Smart Bridge in the Lutron app.
  • Click Get Started and set up a “new” account . You will now be able to use your preferred email address and password again.