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RadioRA 3 Programación RadioRA 3 Cloud Connect/Places Introduction

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RadioRA 3 Cloud Connect/Places Introduction

RA3 Cloud Introduction. 

  • RA3 has the ability for installers to make remote changes to the system. This guide will cover the various ways to create a cloud project and access past revisions through Lutron Designers Connect feature. 

Checking existing projects or creating a new place is possible via the Places welcome window:

connect 1.PNG

This places window will show you all cloud enabled projects that have been created / shared. 



Hover over the 3 dots as shown below to share projects between programmers, control project access, and check version history.



  • Select create a new place or open a locally saved file. 

  • Once in the project file in the upper righthand corner, a green check mark will be displayed showing cloud services are enabled.


Troubleshooting project Cloud Status:

Clicking on the cloud will provide a description of the current cloud status. 


  • GREEN: Remote services are enabled, and project cloud sync is good. 


  • YELLOW: Remote services are enabled, but this account does not have permission to use them. Have the homeowner share access via Lutron App homeowner account settings, or have a programmer share access to the required Lutron account. 


  • RED: No internet connection on PC


  • GRAY: Cloud sync is not enabled for this project. Can be changed in project settings.