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RA3 Clear Connect Type X Activation Guide

Activating Clear Connect Type X Devices


  1. Before you begin
  2. Designer Software Instructions
  3. Lutron App Instructions
  4. Troubleshooting

Video Support with Clear Connect Type X App Activation

For assistance activating devices from the Lutron App, please reference our video below.


Before You Begin

  1. Ensure the most recent version of the Designer Software is installed.
    • The Latest version can be located at within the Resources tab.
  2. These steps must be done On-Site. Remote activation is not supported currently.
  3. Verify the most recent version of the Lutron App is installed, and a Bluetooth capable smartphone/tablet is in use.
    • Bluetooth devices such as Airpods and Apple Watches can interfere with the Activation process. We recommend turning them off or unpairing them during activation.
  4. If you do not have Internet available on-site, please see Creating a new system without Internet / Router, as some steps of this guide will not be possible.


Designer Software Instructions

  1. Ensure at least one Clear Connect Type X device (Sunnata or Lumaris) has been added in the design tab. If you have Multiple Processors, make sure the "P#" matches the Processor you want it to activate to.
    • In Homeworks you will want to ensure the device is assigned to a Type X Gateway or Hybrid Processor.

Devices Added in Design Processor Assignment menu 

    2. Select the Zone Name to rename the Zone and move the Zone to it's proper Zone Location. Complete any programming needed for Keypads, Picos, etc... 

    3. Click the Activation tab and change the drop down to clear connect type x devices.

    Activate Tab in Designer

    4. Click “Sync with the system.”

      • NOTE: This is a required step. Skipping this step can result in devices not responding.

                 Sync With System option in Designer 

    5. Select Yes to transfer to the system. 

      • If homeowner edits are found during this step, a message will appear asking to sync. Ensure you select Yes.
        • If you select No, any edits done by the Homeowner will be erased.
      • Issues? Click Here

    Transfer pop up when selecting Sync With System

    Sync successful message when completed

    After this step, enter the Lutron app to continue activation.


    Lutron App Instruction

    -Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the phone/tablet and the Lutron App has Bluetooth access enabled on your devices.

    -Check that the processor is at least 5ft away from any other source of 2.4GHz RF, and ensure the phone is not near any other 2.4GHz devices. This includes wireless headphones, watches, and other related devices.


    1. Sign in as a professional with the appropriate MyLutron account.

    2. Select system type

    3. Select the Project name in the System list.

    4. If the system has unactivated devices, it will prompt to activate them. Select Yes.

    Unactivated Devices pop up

    5. Select the applicable room/s to activate devices in. Upon selecting the room all Clear Connect Type-X devices will begin to slowly flash.

    NOTE: Once the Processor enters Activation Mode, all Clear Connect Type-X device indicator lights will begin to flash in one of two ways:

                The devices will flash slowly (3 seconds on, 1 second off) showing they are Not Activated


                The devices will flash quickly (1 second on, 1 second off) showing they are Currently Activated.

    Activation screen in the app displaying Rooms

    6. Select the appropriate device to activate.

    -Not seeing a device? Click Here

    Activation screen displaying Devices in a room

    7. Press and hold the instructed button on the device. For Sunnata Devices they will flash rapidly. For Lumaris Tape Light, they will begin to flash. Use the Arrows to 'move' through available Tape Lights and make them flash.

    Activation Screen showing a device discovered and Arrow to activate

    8. An arrow will appear on the device. Select this to activate the physical device to that device in the app. The device will stop flashing rapidly and indicate a successful activation with a Green Check Mark.

    9. Continue with all devices that need to be activated.

    -Device not activating? Click Here

    10. Go back to the main screen of the app by pressing the back arrow at the top left, then select Exit at the top right.

    11. A pop up will appear to remind you to Sync the data. Return to your computer.

    12. In the Designer Software's Activate tab, below Sync with System will be a button "Get Device Status". Select this, and you will see the Serial Numbers appear in Designer.

    13. Wait 15 minutes as instructed by the App, then perform a transfer. You can track the time via the Pro Installer Mode of the App above the Devices tab.

    Countdown timer in the app




    - NOTE: A transfer is required for any newly activated devices. 




    Devices Failing Activation


    • Ensure there are no Bluetooth/2.4GHz capable devices nearby or connected to your phone including smart watches, earbuds, or other related hardware.
    • Check to make sure that your device is within 25ft of 2 other type X devices and no further than 75ft from the processor. For more details on Range, see the Wireless Setup Guide.
      • Type X Device Range Diagram


    Device Not Appearing In The App To Activate


    • Verify a Sync with System has been completed from the Designer software after programming. Afterwards, Force Close and re-launch Lutron app.
      • To Force Close the app on Iphones or Ipads without a button, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the middle of your screen. Swipe the Lutron App up to close it.
      • To Force Close the app on Iphones or Ipads with a button, double tap the home button. Swipe the Lutron App up to close it.
      • To Force Close the app on Samsung Phones, tap the Recent button to the left of your home button. Swipe the Lutron App up to close it.
    • Ensure the Processor the Type X device is assigned to is activated. To verify this, select the Activation Tab > Processors. Each activated processor will have a serial number and MAC address shown.
      • Activated processor with Serial and MAC visible
    • Factory Default the device. This can be done by using the main Tap-switch or the top button on a keypad.
      • Triple tap the button and hold it until the device begins to flash.
      • As soon as you see the flash, release the button and triple tap rapidly. Do not hold on this step.
      • The device will rapid flash for keypads and switches or scroll up and down on dimmers to signify that it was done correctly.
      • Note: These steps are time-sensitive; if there is not response on the second triple-tap, you will need to repeat the process faster.


    Transfer Failing


    • For Type X devices, make sure to wait the full fifteen minutes after activation before attempting to transfer.
    • Check to make sure that your device is within 25ft of 2 other type X devices and no further than 75ft from the processor. For more details on Range, see the Wireless Setup Guide.


    For any lingering issues with activated/transferred controls: Follow these steps if the related devices still fail the activation / transfer stage:


    1. Factory default related device/s
    2. Delete from Design Tab
    3. Force Full Transfer over the project (under advanced settings in transfer tab)
    4. Add the device back into the project
    5. Re-activate the device
    6. Force full transfer to reapply the device to the database.